Best Dog Crates on Amazon

There are a lot of dog crate options on Amazon, and for the most part, they function almost exactly the same. Each crate allows your pet to be secure, safe, and cozy.

How to choose a dog crate size

When choosing a dog crate, especially online from a place like Amazon, there is more to consider than just product reviews.  The size of the crate matters.  While it may seem large, choose a dog crate that allows your dog to stand up comfortably.  This allows them to stretch periodically throughout the day.  You wouldn't want a bedroom with 5 foot ceilings, would you?

Dog crate selection process

The list featured here are Amazon dog crate choices that are either standard metal cages, wood crates, or ABS plastic– each suitable for home use. We've picked models that are easy to assemble and will last a lifetime.  For anyone searching for a dog crate that blends a little bit more with the rest of the furniture, the wood models are nicer-looking (and can even function as an end table).

Travel dog crates are models that easily fold up for rapid set up and breakdown. Regardless of their individual features, all of these dog crates well-reviewed and easy to use.

Ulitma Pro

Extra-strong double door folding metal dog crate w/ divider panel, floor protecting "roller feet" & leak-proof plastic pan.

Better World Travel Crate

Durable soft travel dog crate. Waterproof nylon shell, super strong mesh rollup windows and waterproof pet bed. 

Crown Pet Wood Crate

Durable hardwood, stained and lacquered finish. Versatile swing-through door, waterproof floor, multiple vents.


Single and double door folding metal dog crate with paw protector. Divider panel and removable composite plastic pan included.

Petmate Kennel

Durable plastic shell with tie-down strap holes, easy-open latch, metal side vents. Meets most airline requirements.


Single and double door dog crates w/ divider panel, floor protecting “roller” feet and leak-proof plastic pan.