Cat Camera and Smart Feeders

Cats are mischievous little devils sometimes, which is why having a pet cam is a necessary option for many owners.  It allows you to keep tabs on whether your cat is eating it's food, inside the house, or clawing up your furniture– wherever you are!

Smart feeders are often combines with cameras, as a few of the models sense when the cat is eating to take a short, motion-activated video clip (to let you know your cat is home and happy).

How Cat Cameras work

Cat cameras are very high-tech these days, often featuring treat dispensers, night vision cameras, motion detection, audio and video recording, two-way audio, social media connectivity, and even lasers!

Each camera comes with a free iPhone or Android app to easily pull up the live (or recorded) video feed of your little friend.

Pet feeders

Automated pet feeders are extremely useful for those who travel overnight for work, or have schedules that don't allow for consistent pet feeding.

With a smart pet feeder, your pet can be happy and well-fed on a regular interval (the healthy way of feeding), whether you're home or not.

Keekoon Pet Monitor

HD 1080P wireless wifi pet monitor. Rotating camera with two-way audio, night vision, and motion detection.

HOMMINI Smart Feeder

Automatic pet feeder with 110° HD camera, video and voice recording, real-time sharing, 250ml water feeder.

Petcube Play

Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera: HD 1080p Video, 2-Way Audio, Night Vision, and Laser Toy. Works with Amazon Alexa

WOpet SmartFeeder

Programmable SmartFeeder with stainless steel bowl, timer, HD camera and night vision for voice and video recording.

Petnet SmartFeeder

Automatic feeder for cats and dogs. Personalize food portions and automate meal schedule. Works with Amazon Alexa.

Petera Smart Feeder

Automatic cat feeder with 1.3MP HD wireless camera and night vison. Wi-Fi Enabled App for iPhone and Android.

SamHity Panoramic Camera - $49.99

Wireless wifi HD camera with fisheye lens. Night vision, two-way audio, motion detection and loop recording. App for iPhone and Android.

PACKGOUT Security Camera - $39.86

Wireless panoramic security camera with 720p HD, night vision, motion detection and two-way audio. App for iPhone and Android.

SamHity Light Socket Camera - $69.99

Wireless wifi HD camera with fisheye lens meant for light socket. Night vision, two-way audio, motion detection. App for iPhone and Android.

SAFEVANT SmartFeeder

Food Dispenser with HD Wifi Camera and Two Way Audio and Video Recording.

Petcube Bites

HD Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser with 2-Way Talk and Night Vision. Works with Alexa.

Petamo Cat Feeder

Multi-functional wifi smart feeder. Feed pet automatically or manually. Two-way audio chat/recording with social media connectivity.