The 5 Cutest Amazon Dog Costumes

It’s a known fact that dogs LOVE being dressed up in costumes. Ok.. maybe not. But we do a lot for our pets: feeding, exercising, cleaning up their poop. The least they can do is wear a funny little outfit every once in a while for our amusement. But not every cat or dog costume is designed with the pet’s fit and comfort in mind. Good quality pet costumes will stay put on their little bodies, and not cause any irritation. They should also be extra adorable. The following are our favorite costumes for dogs found on Amazon.

Pirate costume for dogs

Pirate Dog Costume

We’re a sucker for the costumes that turn their front legs into the little legs of the dog costume. Amazon brings us this adorable little number – so your little pup (or cat) can walk the plank or sail the seven seas. It comes in four different sizes to match your little buddy, and we found it very easy to put on the pet (certain dogs may not take kindly to wearing a little hat, though).

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Cowboy costume for a little dog

Cowboy Amazon Dog Costume

Yeeeeehaw! Maybe your pet doesn’t have their sea-legs yet, and life on the prairie is more their style. This cowboy outfit fits your dog the same as the pirate costume above. Pay close attention to the sizing– it’s worth getting out a measuring tape to be sure that this dog costume will fit. You can also use a length of string to measure the neck/chest, and then measure the marks on that string. We think this is one the cutest costumes for your little dog (or a VERY patient/mellow cat).

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lion mane costume for a big dog

Lion Mane Dog Costume

If your dog is too large (or picky) to wear one of the first two options, maybe its time to get a little wild. This lion mane turns any medium to large breed dog (golden retrievers, especially) into a roaring lion– an adorable one. It includes lion “ears”, is machine washable, and is extra easy to put on your furry friend. The main includes a small tail attachment, although we found that it wasn’t worth the effort to put it on. If you’re looking for a golden retriever costume, look no further.

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tuxedo costume for dogs

Tuxedo Bandana Costume

If you have a dog who strikes you as a little classier than a silly pirate or cowboy, or perhaps finds most costumes uncomfortable, then a bandana costume is the next best bet. It goes around their necks like any pet bandana, and hangs in front to appear like a formal tuxedo, available in different colors and patterns. It’s one of the easiest and high-quality Amazon dog costumes, and really dresses up your little family member for special occasions!

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