Review: The Best ACL Brace for Dogs

Much like active athletes, a torn ACL is one of the most common canine injuries. And unlike humans, it’s very difficult for dogs to understand that they need to rest and lay off that leg for a while. Often times the dog may need ACL surgery depending upon the severity of the injury. ACL braces for dogs are a proven way of supporting their injured– before and after surgery. It reduces inflammation, and reduces the chance of further injury. Even if your dog is not undergoing surgery, these braces can help prolong the use of an older dog’s worn/weak knees. Below are some of the best ACL braces for dogs:

ACL joint brace for dogs

Agon Rear Hock Joint Brace

If your little pal is starting to show signs of pain in his knees, it may be time to take them to the vet. And your vet might recommend one of these ACL braces for dogs, which act just like compression braces for humans. They support the knee and prevent any unnecessary twisting, turning, or overextension. You’ll find that once your dog has gotten used to the brace over a couple hours, they will be able to walk more confidently and for longer periods of time.

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Large Joint wrap for dogs

Long Rear Leg Joint/Comrpession Wrap

This longer wrap is similar to the one above, but provides a longer surface area for better compression. If you have a dog with lengthier legs, this wrap is better suited to preventing future injuries or the licking of surgery wounds.

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Strap dog lift

Dog Sling Lift

While this technically isn’t an ACL brace for dogs, it can help in relieving the pain that comes with an ACL injury or surgery recovery. Older and heavier dogs can especially benefit from a lift strap, as their bodyweight places even more stress on weak/recovering knee joints.

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