The Top 4 Bark Collars for Small Dogs

Small dogs have a tendency to bark more, especially if there’s a lot of foot traffic near your home. They can bark when they’re threatened, or simply bored. Little breeds like Chihuahuas, terriers, and others may need a helpful reminder to stop barking, and bark collars are an easy, safe, and effective way to do that. The following small bark collars are comfortable for smaller breed dogs, and are proven to help reduce or completely end constant barking.

Petsafe Elite Bark Collar Amazon

1. PetSafe Elite Bark Control Collar

The purpose of a bark collar is not to punish the dog for barking, but to gently remind and correct that it is more comfortable for them NOT to bark. Which is why the Petsafe Elite collar works so well. Petsafe uses technology that detects vibration and sound combinations that occur during barking or growling, meaning the collar will ONLY activate during those scenarios (avoiding false corrections). It’s waterproof as well, meaning your dog can swim or take a bath while wearing it. So long as your dog is over 8 pounds, the PetSafe Elite collar is one of the best products on the market.
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SportDog collar

2. SportDog Bark Collar

The SportDog collar features most of the features noted above, and the “Perfect Bark” sensor system claims to provide the most reliable bark detection available (however, we saw very similar performance from the PetSafe). What makes this anti-bark collar a good buy is the 3 separate modes – Temperament Learning, Progressive Correction, and User-Selected. Each of these delivers bark correction in different manners, which is great for difficult dogs. If one mode doesn’t show an improvement after a few days, simply try one of the other modes. This flexibility makes this collar the most likely to help your small dog’s barking habits. It’s a little bulkier than the others, and slightly more expensive than the Petsafe, but will still fit small dogs above 10 lbs.
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tiny bark collar

3. Small Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar

This cute little collar is the most appropriate bark collar for extra small dogs (it will fit a tiny pooch around 6 lbs and up). It’s very humane, using increasing levels of vibrations and light beeps– making this a very friendly way of reducing your dog’s nonstop barking. Like some of the other options, it’s rechargeable and does’t require separate batteries. We found that this product wasn’t quite as accurate as detecting barks, but if you have a very small pup and a limited budget, this is still a quality item.
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Humane bark control collar

4. Humane Device for Bark Control

This AVA bark collar comes in as another contender in the world of bark collars for small dogs, with the manufacturer suggesting use for dogs 6lbs and up. However, the device is pretty compact, so we think you might be able to get away with using it on even smaller pups. The standout feature of this bark collar is it’s sleek design, meaning it’s less likely to agitate the dog from a comfort level, and won’t get caught on surrounding items. Like the others on the list, this is a non-shock bark collar, and uses vibration to reduce barking. This bark collar was one of the fastest to charge, however needed recharging sooner than the other models. But for occasional use, you cant go wrong with this model in the ~$20 range.

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